Ensemble Interview: Kevin Chick

We're getting down to the wire-- just one week away from The Improvathon. We've got another ensemble interview for you all, so you can read all about what these improvisers are thinking in the days leading up to this huge event. This time we're talking with Bright Invention newbie, Kevin Chick!


Martha Kemper and Kevin Chick prepare to kick improv ass. Photography by Sarah BloomSo, you’re one of the newest members of Bright Invention. What are your first impressions so far on what we do, and how we might fare going into The Improvathon?

I love that Bright Invention and White Pines are bringing the arts to people outside of the city of Philadelphia.  They offer so many different types of programming for different people and I think it really serves to build a sense of community with Elkins Park. As a company member I'm really happy that White Pines is trying to create opportunities to do work that is meaningful for us as artists.

One of the coolest things about you—and perhaps one of your greatest assets as an improvisor— is how versatile you are. You’ve got experience in clowning and physical theatre, puppetry, music, and so much more. Any words of wisdom or lessons from those worlds that you may be employing to help you in this 24 hour experience?

As a freelancer in general I've found that the way I learn to do something new is to just do it.  I often employ the phrase "you can't do something until you do it", meaning you can only train and prepare for things so much until you need to just dive in and do it in order to continue growing.  I'm hoping that my experience will help keep me on my toes as we play for a RIDICULOUS amount of time and with some new guests.

When you really break it down, this event is 24 straight hours spent with people you work with regularly at White Pines, and even in other shows throughout the city. How different of a cast experience do you think this will be, as compared to the ways in which you typically work with these people?

My guess is that we will delve deep into the darkest corners of our imaginations as we will undoubtedly grow tired, wired and very likely a bit punchy.  I generally deal with tough situations by making a joke out of it, so I'll likely go deep and go dark.  Oh boy.  Luckily, my parents are in the midwest, so they likely won't see this.

Especially because The Improvathon is taking place in such close proximity to the local theatre watering hole, Quig’s, I’m taking the liberty of starting a drinking game for our 21+ audience members. Do you have any fun ideas for a rule we should include?

Everytime you are offended by something in the show you have to have a drink.  That way you will get drunker and not be offended so easily.


Interview by Bright Invention Rising Leader, Randi Alexis Hickey.


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