Bright Invention in SoLow Fest: Interviews with The Artists

Next in our series of exclusive interviews with the nine Bright Invention SoLow artists is the one and only Andrew Carroll-- Theatre artist. Dog lover. About to turn Twenty-Five.

Photo: Sarah R. BloomFirst of all, what’s your show called? What’s it about?

  • It's called Twenty-Five and it's about passing of time. It's about the things we leave behind as time presses forward until it doesn't anymore. 


You’ve done SoLow Fest before, but what makes this year so different for you?  

  • I've done SoLow TWICE! This year is different for a myriad of reasons, chiefly that my lovely partner in SoLow crime and I aren't collaborating this year. The dear darling Doug Williams is taking a well-deserved breather from the festival this year (have you seen what that kid is up to?! Woof. Well-deserved is an understatement). 
  • This is the first year that I'll  be playing myself. I've never really stood in front of people without a character to wear over my shoulders, and it's pretty nutty how much harder it is to just be me, albeit a dramatized version of me. Makes a person take a hard look in the soul-mirror.


Is there anything that is specifically exciting to you about this piece that you can tell us about, without giving too much away?

  • The piece has a time constraint of 25 minutes. It has to be completed in 25 minutes. But why? How will he do it? Can ANYONE say something of substance in just 25 minutes?! Who knows? Come see!


Have you heard buzz about any of the other Bright Invention SoLow pieces that you’re particularly interested to see?

  • I live at the house where the shows are taking place and I keep opening these amazon boxes with ridiculous stuff in them, from tons of candles to sexy toys. Yup. Sexy toys.   Ooh de  lally am I excited for that one. So all of them, really.



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