Bright Invention in SoLow Fest: Interviews with The Artists

Next in our series of SoLow Fest interviews is Daniel Student-- Bright Invention ensemble member, storyteller, porn star. 


What’s your show called?

The Daniel Student Gay Porn Viewing Party 


Ok, now that we’ve got that answered, I know everyone wants to know what exactly that means…..

I'm sure they do, but that would really spoil all the fun. OK, OK... its a show about searching for your identity through watching gay porn. I mean, isn't that already implied by the title?

Here's some important details, I guess, that give some further insight. I have never met anyone before with my exact first and last name. I have never met anyone else who can claim to be the only straight person in their immediate family, as I can (though I am sure that streak will end sometime soon because that can't be THAT rare.) I've also never met anyone else who is a third generation vegetarian, as I am, though that's just an interesting fact, it actually has nothing to do with my show.

Oh, and there will be gummy penises. 


Why this piece now?

Honest answer? I've done two story-telling shows with the AMAZING Bright Invention Artistic Director Jennifer MacMillan and the BRILLIANT Philadelphia playwright, host, and storyteller R. Eric Thomas, and they have been eye-opening experiences. Who knew that my propensity for spilling all my intimate details to people I've just met in day to day conversation could be translated to spilling all my intimate details to people I've just met on stage?!? 

In this show, I am trying to see what my own voice, alone, sounds like, and perhaps build a core piece that is something I could tour with. You know, to cities where "gay porn viewing party" in the title doesn't scare people off. So, New York and San Francisco.


Are there any other Bright Invention SoLow shows you’re particularly interested to see come to life?


Truthfully, no. But not because I'm not interested in them. I'm just really buying in, hook, line, and sinker, into this idea that its ten independent minds all speaking their truths onstage. And what makes it a powerful artistic statement is not the individual pieces, but the collective speaking individually.

Boom. Suck on that truth. 

I believe there is a day I am performing last, after like seven shows in a row before me, and I plan to sit through all of them. And then I will be so exhausted, I won't remember my lines. Which is why I am not bothering to memorize them. 

More truth to suck on.



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