White Pines is auditioning extraordinary performers for its ensemble: Bright Invention.



Bright Invention creates completely improvised, ensemble-based work, generated by audience contribution, that explores and deepens the connection between the ensemble and the audience, works from a place of creativity and personal truth, incorporates movement, silence, storytelling, music, site specificity and other artistic mediums and creative forms of expression to create completely original material unique to every audience and never duplicated. 

Only performing artists interested in making a commitment to this mission should apply. Some basics:


  • We rehearse every Monday night from 7 - 9:30, mostly at The White Pines Place in Elkins Park.
  • The White Pines Place is easy to get to from Center City: it is a 20 minute SEPTA train ride, and then a 1 minute walk from the Elkins Park Train Station to The White Pines Place. You can find directions here. 
  • Once a member of the ensemble, your transportation expenses for public shows and all rehearsals are paid for by White Pines.
  • Bright Invention performs at The White Pines Place, in center city, at site-specific locations, in schools, community centers, senior centers, and faith communities. We perform about eight public shows per “season” September - June. We also perform upwards of 10 - 15 “special shows” as part to our satellite programs. 
  • Box office income for Bright Invention public performances is split among the performers after White Pines takes 10%.
  • Ensemble members can make money working for White Pines in one of its several satellite programs: Creative Corporate Training ($100/hour), Teaching (between $400 - $600 per class), The Senior Theater Initiative ($75/hour), special shows ($75/show). 
  • Ensemble members frequently take other work in the performing arts in and around Philly, then return to the ensemble. 
  • Benjamin Lloyd is the Artistic Director of Bright Invention, and has executive authority over the programs and shows Bright Invention executes. He is advised by a four member Advisory Committee of senior Bright Invention members. His goal is to provide incisive direction of each ensemble member designed to help them grow as performers, foster an atmosphere of ensemble creativity in which the whole ensemble has ownership of our work together, and to lead the ensemble in the mission stated above. You can read about Ben here. 


Your audition is “playing in” with the current ensemble at one of our Elkins Park rehearsals in September. No monologues, no cold reading: just playing games, doing some exercises and then improvising with us! Don’t worry - we will be supportive, gentle and fun. Advised by the ensemble, Ben will invite select performers back for a second rehearsal “call back” in which specific challenges will be offered to the auditioner. Offers will be made in early October.

If you are a performer who is seeking a long term relationship to an amazing group of Philly theater artists, is willing to make a commitment to our ensemble, wants to be part of an organization taking real steps to redefine the life of the performing artist in America, then please do as follows:

  1. Go this link and read more about us.
  2. After reading more about us, write a cover letter to White Pines with one paragraph which answers the following question: “I want to audition for Bright invention because . .  .”
  3. Send the cover letter, a picture and resume to: White Pines Productions, PO Box 8870, Elkins Park, PA. 19027; or email to
  4. Let us know when you can come in to play with us: September 14, 21 or 28. 
  5. Submissions by September 7th please! Not everyone is guaranteed an audition. You will be notified of the time of your audition. 


Thanks and . . . break a leg!