Bright Invention at Common Space Ardmore

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Last week, Bright Invention performed the world premiere of its newest show Boys vs. Girls at Common Space Ardmore! Common Space provides a shared space where people of all ages, races, abilities, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds make connections and cross boundaries. They offer creative programming that includes classes, workshops, and discussion groups, as well as a community space to learn, meet, share, and enjoy a tasty treat. They create fair-wage jobs for community members with many talents and abilities who are seeking part-time/flexible employment and appreciate a place to belong. They partner with school and educational institutions, small businesses, and organizations to achieve their mission.

"They are very much like White Pines," remarked Benjamin Lloyd, Bright Invention Artistic Director. "They even have a similar 'living room' decor!" 

Benjamin Lloyd and Eric Walker performing as the "boy" team in Boys vs. Girls at Common Space Ardmore.

Benjamin Lloyd and Eric Walker performing as the "boy" team in Boys vs. Girls at Common Space Ardmore.

At about one half the size of the White Pines Place, Common Space is not suited to the six-actor show In The Round. But it's just right for four person and two person shows. "We developed Boys vs. Girls in part because we knew we had this opportunity to perform at Common Space, and we needed something smaller," remarks Ben. In the show, the ensemble is split into two "teams" - one male and one female. Throughout the show, they challenge each other in comedic ways to adopt various attributes. "We are making fun of the competitive set up," says Ben, "we pause and ask 'Who's winning?' every now and then, and the absurdity of that question gets some laughs."

Located at 25 Rittenhouse Square in Ardmore, Common Space will be the site of some summer shows - stay tuned! 

Happy Ardmore audience! 

Happy Ardmore audience! 


Five shows in four weeks? It's an . . . 


Bright Invention

Bright Invention

Call it spring fever, call it tomfoolery, call it what you will - White Pines is presenting five improv show in four weeks, featuring three brand new shows! 

Boden and Lloyd

Boden and Lloyd

And we have a challenge for our massive audience: anyone who sees all five shows gets into all remaining White Pines improv shows FREE for the rest of 2018! 

Improvapalooza you say?

  1. Friday May 4th, 8 pm, Boys vs. Girls. Common Space, 25 Rittenhouse Place, Ardmore PA 19003.Calling the Main Line! It's our newest show at our newest venue! Tickets click here. 
  2. Saturday May 5th, 8 pm, Boys vs. Girls. White Pines Place, 7908 High School Road, Elkins Park PA 19027. It's always better the second time! Tickets click here. 
  3. Friday May 18th, 8 pm, The Deep End. White Pines Place, 7908 High School Road, Elkins Park PA 19027. Boden and Lloyd return for their wild and woolly two-hander! Tickets click here.
  4. Thursday May 24th, 8 pm, In The Round. Calvary Methodist Church, 801 S 48th St, Philadelphia PA 19143. Our final West Philly show! Tickets click here.
  5. Friday June 1st, 8 pm, As Yet Untitled Improv. White Pines Place, 7908 High School Road, Elkins Park PA 19027. PHIT improv star Kristen Schier and Bright Invention Artistic Director Benjamin Lloyd create a show so new, so daring, it doesn't have a name yet! Tickets click here.

Boden & Lloyd returns . . . in Virginia!

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Josh Boden

Josh Boden

Last summer, Bright Invention Artisitc Director Benjamin Lloyd and Bright Invention member Joshua Boden created "Boden & Lloyd", a two-act longform with  . . .  just the two of them. Inspired by the duet longforms of TJ & Dave, Bassprov, and Razowsky and Bernard, The Deep End is inspired by conversations with the audience occurring just before the show. 

Benjamin Lloyd

Benjamin Lloyd

Then Joshua up and moved to Virginia! How dare he! But the desire to continue creating is relentless . . . so, come on down to Staunton VA for  the weekend, take in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and swing by The Kettle Saturday night for . . .


The Deep End,

with Boden and Lloyd! 

Tickets at the door only . . . 

Improv is the Future of Theatre: panel discussion. Our report!

On Saturday February 17th, Bright Invention Artistic Director Benjamin Lloyd joined an illustrious panel of Philadelphia improvisers and theater artists at Phildelphia theatre Company, to discuss Philadelphia's improv scene, and reflect on the role improv has to play in the future of the performing arts in America. The Panel included Bobbi Block, Artistic Director of Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theatre; Scott Greer, Philadelphia actor; Dave Jadico, Artistic Director of Comedy Sportz; Tara Demmy, teacher at PHIT; and Nick Gillette Artistic Director of Almanac Theater. The panel was moderated by noted Philadelphia theatre critic Mark Cofta. About 50 people were in the audience. Bright Invention, Tongue & Groove and Philadelphia Theatre Company co-hosted the event, which was part of Philly Theatre Week. 

Over the course of an hour, the panel discussed such themes as the differences between scripted and unscripted theater, the experience of the audience at an improv shows, differences between kinds of improv, how improv is used in other theatrical forms (like devised theater), and the effect improv has on performers, audience and students. 

During the Q&A several audience members asked about techniques used by improvisers, and about the future viability of both scripted and unscripted theater in America, from an economic point of view. One woman came from New York state for the panel - and spoke movingly about the transformative effect improv has on her teenaged students. Another young person spoke about the way improv forces actors to abandon the narcissism sometimes ingrained in young actors. 

Watch out for more events in the future bringing Philly's awesome improv community together! 

You can view a video of the panel here:

And here's a slide show:

New portraits and pictures of Bright Invention!

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White Pines has entered into an agreement with Kim Carson Photography, in which Kim gets to use our space at no charge as an indoor studio, and in exchange takes pictures of White Pines events and Bright Invention shows and rehearsals.

Here's what one happy client said about working with Kim: "Taking photos with Kim is a joy. She immediately makes you feel at ease from the moment she says hello, making the experience comfortable and laid back. I didn't even feel like she was taking my picture, which is a feat considering how nerve-wracking being in front of a camera can be." - Luigi Sottile: actor. We couldn’t agree more!

Kim came to rehearsal January 22nd and took pictures of Bright Invention. Check them out!