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Benjamin Lloyd leads a training for the YMCA

Benjamin Lloyd leads a training for the YMCA

White Pines Productions, Inc. is excited to offer comprehensive training and development workshops to businesses and organizations. Our approach is based on the foundational principals which guide our own ensemble, Bright Invention:

  • Thriving organizations are built on strong interpersonal relationships. 
  • Great leadership fosters effective teams.
  • Listening, not speaking, is the key to effective communication.
  • Teams achieve greatness when they feel supported.
  • Teams that support risk-taking are innovative and exceptional.
  • Understanding your role defines relationships and clarifies goals.


Scenario-based training through structured improvisations.

Using our unique approach called "structured improvisation", we design tailor-made workshops for your organization in which we create performed scenarios for your team to observe and diagnose.  The centerpiece of the workshop are the structured improvisations. These are scenarios performed by our facilitators which are designed to illustrate the specific issues you want addressed. These lead to guided discussion and feedback. Then we perform the scenes again using the suggestions from the team for how it could go better. Team members are able to see the issues in a fun, dramatic format, without being personally implicated. Then they get to see challenges overcome and solutions revealed based on their own observations and suggestions. The final hour is spent on action items based on the workshop which are delivered to participants in the week following the workshop. 

We offer:

  • Team-building workshops. These are great for increasing effectiveness among employees who work in the same area, such as customer service.
  • Communication skills development. These can be group trainings for employees and managers who need excellent communication skills to do their jobs well, or they can be tailored for smaller groups and one-on-one coaching.
  • Sensitivity training. We will create a fun and non-threatening workshop to explore sensitive workplace issues such as sexual harassment, cultural sensitivity, and issues related to race, sexuality and age.
  • Effective leadership. We will work with your managers and executives to create more effective and sensitive human resource management, as well as create individual rubrics for excellent leadership for each manager.

How do we do this? We use a four step process:

    1. We meet with you for a no obligation, no cost introductory meeting. There we listen to your concerns, and make sure we understand the issues you want addressed, and who's involved.
    2. We then bring you a proposal for a two, four or eight hour workshop which includes exercises designed especially for you and your team, and clearly described structured improvisations to be performed by members of Bright Invention. At this time, you sign a letter of agreement on the particulars of the workshop, the time, location and date, and the fee. 
    3. We then deliver the workshop agreed upon.
    4. We meet with you for a follow up, to discuss the evaluation results, and what change you have seen from the workshop. 

    Click here for a fee schedule.

    Feedback from our clients:

    What can your organization discover together?

    What can your organization discover together?

    Experienced Bright Invention teaching artists support all sessions.

    Experienced Bright Invention teaching artists support all sessions.

    • Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA: Our experiences with the White Pines Creative Corporate Training team have been wonderful!  From the first planning meeting to the final evaluations, the insight and sensitivity that Ben and his colleagues brought to our small group team building work and our large group skills enhancement work have been remarkable.   What distinguishes the White Pines Creative Professional Workshops team from every other training provider is the fun and creativity that allows them to adapt and incorporate new information mid-stream, all within a safe and comfortable environment.We have recommended White Pines wholeheartedly to our colleagues, and look forward to working with this team again. - Sean Elliott, Group Vice President, Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
    • LeBow School of Business, Drexel University: Having the improv troupe work with us was just genius. I wouldn’t change that contribution in any way. I was amazed at how insightful their performances were and how the process was set-up so that we could learn from them. I just didn’t think that an improv session about office dynamics and communication was going to have any value at all. They were so prepared and so generous with us in the fact that they clearly worked very very hard to understand the challenges we face in interpersonal interactions at work. The activities that pulled us out of our comfort zones made embarrassment and failure much less fearful prospect in anticipation and in the actual experience. - Participant, Leading for Change Fellowship, Lebow School of Business
    • University City District, West Philly Skills Initiative. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I was with the class on Tuesday. I’m still smiling when I think about how well it went.  You and Gavin were amazing, and please tell Michelle that I giggle every time I think her saying “DJ was magnetic!”. Just glorious!"  - Sheila Ireland, Vice President, Workforce Solutions, University City District. 


    Who are we?

    Michelle Pauls and Benjamin Lloyd lead an exercise

    Michelle Pauls and Benjamin Lloyd lead an exercise

    Benjamin Lloyd (Yale School of Drama MFA) is the lead facilitator for White Pines Creative Corporate Training. Our performers are drawn from the White Pines ensemble Bright Invention, which rehearses and performs longform improvisation, and teaches classes and workshops to all ages at our Elkins Park location. What’s that, you say? Actors as corporate trainers? Yes! And we’re not the only ones. The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania uses the theater group Pig Iron as trainers as part of its curriculum. Improv companies like Comedy Sportz and The Upright Citizen’s Brigade offer corporate training. We were inspired by Michele Baxter's M.S. thesis for her graduate degree in Arts Administration from Drexel University. Click here to read Ms. Baxter's thesis on using improv as corporate training and organizational development.



    Find out what transformations White Pines can make possible in your workplace.

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    Benjamin Lloyd, Executive Director
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    More feedback!

    • "I found the Improv activities to be very powerful because they took me out of my comfort zone/provided a different way of seeing situations."
    • "White Pine Productions was awesome. I got a lot out of the exercises and improv. They did a great job of giving us real world scenarios."
    • "I thought Improv was the most valuable. The games allowed us to display truths about ourselves, and how they relate to other fellows, in a non-judgmental way."
    • "I will be more understanding of the concept that life itself is an improvisation and I need to be mindful in the way I act based on the circumstances and the environment around me. I will also be mindful of how I give and receive criticism from peers, supervisors, and direct reports."
    Michelle Pauls and Drew Carroll perform a structured improvisation under Benjamin Lloyd's direction as part of the YMCA training.

    Michelle Pauls and Drew Carroll perform a structured improvisation under Benjamin Lloyd's direction as part of the YMCA training.

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