Creative Arts // Self Determination // Community

Stepping Out is a comprehensive, community-based and experiential program for adults with disabilities. Stepping Out utilizes performance creativity to enhance social skills, verbal and physical expression, communication, self determination and occupational competency.

Participants engage in Drama, Movement, Music and Improvisation activities which playfully explore the challenges and successes that happen in day-to-day interactions, social scenarios, and professional situations.

  • The active and engaging creative work of Stepping Out builds confidence, expressive capability and enhances creative problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Stepping Out builds a safe and supportive (and fun!) social environment which encourages risk-taking, lasting relationships and personal growth.
  • Self-advocacy is fun with Stepping Out! Laughter is not only allowed, it is encouraged!


The structure of Stepping Out involves ensemble building games, creative play and role playing activities which encourage students to use their voices and bodies to express emotions, thoughts and feelings. Teachers are experienced special needs educators, some with disabilities. 

Activities include a variety of risk taking and scale of participation:

  • Group participation in a large group.

  • Group participation in smaller groups.

  • Individual and paired participation in a circle.

  • Individual and paired participation on the stage.

  • Blended experiences with "typical" adults are an option.


  • Workshops: An introduction to our work or a smaller series of workshops over several days.
  • Eight Weeks Residency: These meet at the same time and on the same day each week. Classes are 2 hours, with breaks.
  • One on One Coaching or Special Projects: These additional programs are developed in partnership with organizations and individuals based on their needs.
  • Coaching for teachers: how to use creative dramatics in the classes you offer to people with disabilities.


Contact Dani Bryant for pricing and if you'd like to bring Stepping Out to your community

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