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Putting it All Together:

A Weekend Improv Intensive with Dave Razowsky

Workshop runs for two days:

David Razowsky has been traveling all over the world working with actors on a very specific type of improv: Mindful, fully-aware, “Present Presence” work. Razowsky’s focus creates real scenes in real time, organic discoveries, surprising turns, and satisfying true moments. 

Over the course of 2 days, participants in Putting it All Together will focus on:

·      Recognizing and creating from a strong “point of view.”

·      The creative certainty that comes with confident heightening, and how that in itself creates strong characters and relationships.

·      “Owning” the stage and your place in it.

·      Creating a sense of “where” without thinking, planning, worrying, or inventing.

·      Learning to surrender emotional elements of the scene in order to build honest and real scenarios.

 The weekend will culminate with a Guided Performance, highlighting the weekend’s work through scenes.

Putting it All Together will be a toolbox full of confidence for the actor, where he or she can enter any stage, work with any other actor, and live in boundless full environments. Those who have worked with Razowsky know one thing: their work strengthens each time they sit in on one of his workshops.

*Guided Performance —Performing in a show that’s directed by David Razowsky is a special event, particularly when David directs you while you perform. His gentle, direct “side coaching” has proven to benefit all improvisers who’ve joined him for these “Guided Improv Scenes.” This is an hour-long workshop/performance where a cast of actors will be lead through two-person scenes with David keeping the actors focused on their points-of-view, guiding them toward the “shiny objects,” following where the scene’s heat is and where the scenic surprises live. All this with a live house! 

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